Thursday, 21 August 2008

A bit of headache (excuses)

Just an excuse for my absence of posts: It's been totally madness on my life these last days.

Ok, everything apparently under control, but that's how I want to define what I've been living.

No, nothing special at all… Just everything I'd already planned and had as absolutely granted for quite some long.

Everything as expected, fortunately.

My concentration is now all directed to these professional concerns, so that I've not been inspired enough to post something decent, nor to fix and adjust the blog layout my way.

By the way, hope you have liked the current look (which is absolutely not new, but it's the first time I come to talk about that) and hope you will keep checking back for further updates.

My love and care.



Monday, 4 August 2008

To be back to the runnin’!, youmakemesick and moving on =)

Not that this has changed to a looser situation lately, but tomorrow my time is once again going to be really, really scarce.

Despite it feels as if I've just finished a semester of University, tomorrow my almost unnoticed vacations will be coming to an end, and a brand new full over-four-months period of intense academic activity will start, to my purest pleasure and intense despair.

"Pleasure?!" you might ask. "Yes, absolutely" I'd promptly answer.

Coming from my dearest sister-aunt Rose, this very particular characteristic of mine of always trying hard to fulfil my free time with everything I can is something I'm actually proud of having.

It's been like that since I got used to do something beyond school – once I noticed I had some free time, I would try my best to fill it with some (un)productive activity, so that I can feel absolutely proper to let out my very own motto: "I don't have any time now".

My dearest feeling is, indeed, the feeling of being too busy for anything.

I feel useful, I feel important, I feel able to turn away from anything I may find inferior. Me and my egocentrism.

Hopefully I will take this analysis to a deeper level one day, here on darkpills.

Well, moving away to more hidden sectors of my life, the gap since last post has been the place of quite a great move-on on my personal fields.

Not entering in details, the démodé and inefficient lamp that had been consuming too much energy from me was finally discarded – I guess.

Kinky moves were made, sounding extremely sickening for me. That was the last drop.
In the moment of a blink of an eye, I simply couldn't stand looking at those dirty eyes again.
That was too much for me.
Keeping that conversation would feel like taking myself to the lowest stage of dignity and self-love.

Sorry babe, you don't deserve having me hearing your bullshit anymore. You make me sick.

Block paid with full deletion.
It's a goodbye I don't feel like changing.

Sometimes, I guess, you just have to move on.

I've tried once, indeed.
This time, however, not a sweet word of mine was given.


Brand new week starting, and things, well, smell just fine.

I'm happy, should I add. J
Ready to start the second half of this amazing-looking year.