Friday, 31 December 2010

As the final night of this year falls...

...I ask you: how good has 2010 been to you, dear reader?

Enjoy the parties or (occasionally dull) family dinners and, please, be thankful - even if it's only for being alive on this December 31st.

Breathe some life in!

Cheers, looking forward to see you tomorrow!

Friday, 10 December 2010

At once

Stormy weather was on its peak, time would not pass, clocks would run backwards.


Then the clouds vanished away. Out of nothing.

All of a sudden, sun was visible, shining in such an intensity that even left me blind.

Flowers fell from the sky while glory called my name.
It was time for the sweet, so long looked-forward harvest.

All of a sudden, all at once, it was time to run.
All of a sudden, all at once, it was time to resurrect old postponed plans.
All of a sudden, all at once, and maybe faster than my mind could fully process, my plans for 2010 were becoming reality.

The puzzle was then being solved.

Apparently on the next minute, I was in the dirty capital city, confirming what I had seeded.
It was a dream coming true, another big step into my future, as a ratification that my plans had always been in the right direction.

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure of whether I was ready or not.
The time did not actually feel very proper, nor my spiritual state or even my looks.
Dreamt of that for so long… Now it was there, waiting for me. Is it that wrong to idealise a better scenario?

Ready or not, though, I was going to grab it with both hands.

Making girls proud, making boys envious.
That’s what boys were made for, I guess.

Glory, not yet tasted to its entire this far – the thankfulness, however, is unquestionable.

And then it was time to gaze the future.

All I saw was the world, laying in front of me, all mine to conquer.

So I became a shooting star, crossing the sky, the lines and the continents.
The big cities of the first world were awaiting me, offering me a sea of possibilities.

A long dream it seemed, while the pieces were getting together, solving the puzzle of life on such a soaring, gentle and beautiful fashion.

So much to see, feel, sense. So much to live!
Aware of that, I tried to live every single moment. Done my best.

Flights and long walks.
Friendship and brotherhood.
Angels and might-have-beens.
Laughter and following dark directions.
Parties and laying in different beds.

I had my moment and, well, perhaps the time of my life.

Heading my way back home, I could only feel myself as a world citizen.
Felt like someone who belongs to the world only, who could be taken anywhere, to the destiny’s free will.
Such a sense of adventure, of freedom!

While the roses were still falling from the sky, I was feeling so relieved, so back to life – or perhaps eagering to finally come into a brand new life.

And I actually feel quite renewed.
It all felt pretty much like a fresh breeze blowing through my soul, cleaning away all the black spots and the accumulated mud inside me.

Renovation, rebirth.

Back home, it’s a whole different world, a whole different view.

I’m still, though, terribly tired and very sick as well - coming down with a mysterious fever that is leaving me rather knocked down.
Maybe it’s been too much for just a boy like me to take. Maybe it's been too much for anyone to take.
Time will clean it away. For I have faith in that.

Despite it all, I do feel that a new dawn is beginning, full of exciting new challenges and choices.

All at once, my life is refreshed, and I’m very excited and looking forward to what the future will bring!

I sincerely wish you enjoy yourself on great moments of your own, dear reader!