Sunday, 13 May 2012

The extremist

A tale of people who believe their ideas and ideals.

As the leaves began falling, it was time for a joyful break, so as to maintain the boundaries tight and to meet, once again, the learned land.

Received with smiles, I felt at home. Nevermind my tied tongue, nevermind my little knowledge of the deeper stakes of those near strangers.
He's grown alright!, I noticed.

A cold evening took place, while I met the hand of such a kind stranger, so kind it was hard for my always suspicious mind to promptly accept.
The stones and the ice were gradually broken as we steered against a cannon that cast all rainbow colours.

The troop marched in. The captain greeted me in.
Shalt thou not fault,
For my guidance shalt thou not be without!, he shouted.
And he continued, We are the freedom-fighters, the hedonists,
The luring-runners, the extremists!

It was the city army of unconditional bliss welcoming my – temporary – membership.
The outsider I was called, in a language I could not, indeed, quite understand.
None of it would matter, for my way was made and the catwalks of glamour were opened.
Our skins would, themselves, shine in radiant colours. A radioactive star was planted in my chest.

The night stunned us all.
But we were then alone.

Three steps inside the city. Three steps away from home.
I have perhaps grown up too abruptly since last year. Family deals, family matters. If only they knew how much I care.

And as I childishly spoke vain, empty words, messing with the forbidden zone,
as I was still pouring glitter out of my skin
as I was still feeling the razzle-dazzle of the previous days,
I left.
Not moved in the slightest, not having any cares.

Still, deeply thankful, to the extremist that saved my life.


A few days later, the metropolis.

The time had come.
I was faced with the monsters.

They exist. They know my name. They can summon me into the dark.

While no hope was given, I was feeling, at least, slightly comforted.
The more intimate conversation did get my nerves alright.

After having a revealing and enchanting occasional dinner, I rushed back to the hotel room.
For metropolis nights are, well, metropolis nights.

I was then faced with another extremist – deployed from the hometown, a short-sized figure that moved all the way in, for the war of love and self-discovery.
I was approached for a battle. Apparently I was stronger.
The endless night
when I made an extremist cry

Many days later, it seemed.
Rain was pouring, coldness was falling; the metropolis was, in its best, showing what a gloomy face it may turn to me.

So I went for my personal quests.
Sword in hands, it was time to fight an enemy.
A proper match was proposed and I was up for pretty much anything.

That was when I met the extremist.

Enchanted by the wonders of the capitalist world, where everything functions and no better standard of life may be reached, the extremist had a vision.
And information.
And as much strength as one can carry in one's heart.

Fight the enemy, fight for your ideas, fight for your own cry!, the extremist kept yelling out, bragging out.

I was allured into the savage garden of the extremist's idealistic mansion, offering nothing else than a very humble habitation.
After a fight of worlds, we swam into the soft wings of fabric, where we shout our very own manifesto in loud, fuzzy, trembling voices.

And a personal, not yet repeated achievement was – finally – accomplished.
Oh God, I finally feel myself free from the cafè flesh days of yore.

Wrong nights, good companies, bad companies.
In a nest with the wolves, I was welcomed with jeers.
For a night, I was the villain pouring blood out of this mouth.

Unfortunately, no one knew the slightest.
This is, may I say, a fair price for me being so silly.

Sun went up.
By the noon I left, for I could not stand another night falling in my shoulders.
There was no point to it.

After battling these extremists, my mission seemed accomplished for a while.

After being faced with the monsters, I could not help but frown and realize.
My quest will never be over.

Fight the enemy, dear reader!