Sunday, 21 September 2008

Welcome home, child of snow!

On this messy days, news are more than just welcome.


A friend, a companion, an workout buddy… Today, my family has been graced by the arrival of a brand new member.


It’s the son of the snow, looking like an walking teddy bear, feeling fresh and incredibly friendly.


Mere hour later, I was out and about with my brand new buddy. Just like some time ago, but ever, ever better.


In the end, it’s just one more point connected to my dreams coming true.




Thursday, 18 September 2008

Messy still wonderful

No, it's no proper post.

Dark Pills is officially going through 'maintenance', LOL, just kidding.. The fact is: no time, no inspiration, just that.

These have been quite crazy days for me, something I deeply love, and no brighter sparkle has burnt inside my mind to get me writing here.

No, it's not that I don't have what to write... I could actually write millions of lines about the latest amazing events.

It's a very important period of my life I'm going through now, perhaps the most important so far. It's all smelling fresh, it's all been exciting and I'm doing by best to live every second up.

There is, indeed, loads to write, but I ain't quite in the mood.

Every fun will be punished, yup, factually accurate.

Let me just get a bit more loose of my tasks...

Sorry to leave you for so long..

I'm still here. Happier than ever, and posting every now and then.