Saturday, 17 December 2011

The day you stopped caring

A cheesy Christmas song on the phone while I wait for a solution to my operational issues.
Wrong days, wrong dates, unmatching schedules.

My faux hectic life.
Not so long ago, you had a spot in it.

And this is where the blues begin to play.

Seven seas of immensity. There was I, standing on the shore, in awe.

A lightning had hit me fully in the chest.
Such a constant wave of electricity I had to keep a safety distance from.

A chessboard opened.
That was my own strategy for the game that then begun.

From our very own points, we would play.
Eyes on my pawns as the rook rushes near.

So many signs would be sent, and lost in zero gravity fields they would remain.
Forgotten, one might think. Not a single piece of it unnoticed, I clarify.

My crave was for your whining.
I was hungry for your spoiled reaction, for your baby cry.

Regardless anything, it meant you still cared.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.
My pawns were marching towards a bishop.

The skies were blue.

So many mistakes and poorly planned moves. Bitter whereabouts. Unreadable thoughts. Unforgivable minds.
Your queen swept around the board.
I was stuck in a check position.

A moment of shock, but hopes still flourished. However, only for so long.

On the following morning, deeper blue skies.
While walking around the beautiful central square, I realized.
Not a single word had been spoken that day.
Not a single moaning was cried.

For once, I understood.

That was the day when my king felt.
That was the day you stopped caring.


As we speak, I gaze upon the long road that lies ahead.
Its emptiness revealed by the burning sun of the still upcoming summer.

That little piece of me is gone. Perhaps, never mine has it been.
Small talk and controversies.
A marvel of infinity now just a past dream.

And as I rush to keep up with the engines of everyday life, I set myself to the dare. To the morning and day I will, myself, finally stop to care.