Sunday, 3 January 2010

ourselves, v. 2000-10

After some time of absence, you just close your eyes and, that's all, the year ends and a brand new translational circle begins.

2010 is born. The oh-so-loved 2009 is nothing but a memory by now, and, might I say, such an amazing pack of memories!

For the first time, however, I'm writing this from my home city. No delicious trips to bigger metropolis and more advanced civilizations, where I'm already used to receive just the best vibrations for the just-born year.
This New Year party was, consequently, the less impressing and inspiring that I've had for quite some time… and that's something that annoyed me so much on the past couple of days, but SO much, that it has literally taken me to some rather dark routes of deliriousness, especially yesterday.

That's, by the way, the reason behind the delay of this post, which normally happens exactly by the first day of the new year.

It's over now, though. The bad feelings are gone.
You eventually accept that not everything goes as perfectly as it should, and, well, sun will come up anyway and you have to keep your faith, your beliefs and your strength. Everything will be alright.

It turns out that I'm feeling quite amazing today, so that I'm almost finally getting that feeling of a new year.

So, well, 2010!

What do I expect? Liberty, a bit of free time and, by now, pure randomness.

University is over, so is my academic life by now.

What are the plans? What steps to take now?

This flavour of randomness, although utterly scary, is challenging and quite exciting.
It feels like having a fully blank sheet of paper, where I can write and draw anything, anyway. My destiny is to be written.

So the brand new 2010 starts off really thrilling and feeling really fresh – and I mean really really, especially given I had these feelings by the first of January, when my emotions towards the new year were not exactly the best.

Let's keep on pushing, keep on improving, keep on chasing our dreams.

And you, what are you up to in this new year? Whatever it is, I hope you succeed and have an amazing time.

Beautiful 2010, dear reader!

Let's make a grand finale to the decade! (should I say, the new decade will start off only by 2011, don't you be fooled by the general misconception!)