Monday, 31 October 2011

California scream, part I: the smiling manifesto

The long straight road. Early spring.

The road was being cut, a - very well known - city was rising up before my eyes, a full set of appointments and a state of near ennui left behind. 

The morning had felt.

It was the beginning of my adventures.

Acting out a wayfarer until the time was proper, just to realize… the experience never fails to amaze me somehow.

Check-in line, window seat, samba in the background, an itching fear bugging me.
Not long after, the cloudy skies opened and the island suddenly showed itself in its full glory.

Nice to meet you, land.

My choreography failed miserably, much unlikely the heavenly creatures from up north the one-o-one road, always precise when it came to pleasing. The most delicious piece of chocolate ever eatten. The most comfortable and luxury shared tiny room ever slept on.

In there I set foot. Near the seas, near the wonders of that piece of infinity.

Together, we flew towards the biggest parties ever thrown.
I was breaking the shelter and stepping out of any known comfort zone. Yet, it was feeling so alluringly sweet.

Queuing up to the bubbling excitement until the city opened itself for us, revealing an island of uncanny beauty and wonders.

We were wearing bright colours for we were feeling fresh and young, gorgeous and virile.
We were the stars that night.
We were the stars every night.

Queue after queue, more stars were added to our private constellation.
…And how serious can a cosmic incident be when two of them collide?

Take my hand, will you?

And then, on an alternative place and time, while downtown was merely a backdrop picture, a private universe was formed.
Sun, however, performed its part and rose up, illuminating every corner of the city and the reality, which we could then gaze upon and more fully understand.

A new day that was.

Me and my friends, we were wandering away from inglorious spots of regular life, following the road towards to our very selves.

The redeemer sent us his blessings. We were happy back then.

In a perfect contrast to state of joy we were in, the very sensible local moodiness was a difficult enemy to beat.
So I smiled – effortlessly, with ease.
You are smiling as form of protesting, a stranger said.

Indeed, I was.

That was my smiling manifesto, against every inch of sulk in those strangers’ face.
Against every piece of sorrow in life.
Against any lack of light in one's smile.

And both in manifesto and in celebration we screamed, so loud we echoed in every corner of the universe ahead and beyond.
The California scream, shout by the California stars, a homage to our glow and to our own lives.
We reached another state of mind.

No bad feeling succeed at stopping us.
We kept walking, we kept contemplating.

And as we progressed, stars kept colliding to colourful explosions in the sky and in the land; on the streets and seaside; on a private room, in the middle of a screaming crowd.
And my manifesto kept on, solidly unharmed even when the adrenaline pumped through my veins and the emotions hit me so strikingly that medical care was demanded.

It was the gloomy sunrise of the last day in that wildly full of amaze land.

Fear, indecision.
How much further can you go?

International airports, flight connections.

I was leaving the land – and with it, some of the shiniest moments of one's life.

Please fasten your seatbelts, said the flight attendant, in all three applicable languages.

Where was I going to? Did not quite know.

The island was far away now.

California scream, however, was still mutely echoing.