Monday, 6 April 2009

Easter Rabbit, what’cha got for me?

On Thursday-like Tuesday, here we are, making a few considerations about life.

On a breeze, my life is going. Softly, mildly, much like Goldfrapp's Road to Somewhere – which i happen to be listening to on this very moment.

It's a bit funny, graceful yet a bit of painful that all those frenzy pumpin' non-stopping emotion moments are on the last year.
Well, they ain't, actually. 2008 The Greatest So Far may have been gone, but 2009 is being a lot above kind.


I've been reflecting how loveless this year has been.
No, I'm not talking about love on a wide approach, but just on the sense that first comes to our mind when we think about it: the erotic kind of love.
Apparently, no solid thought about it has passed through my mind lately... it feels like, I don't know... I'm not that into it anymore (or for now).
Obviously, it's not that I haven't noticed or had some interest upon anyone; it's apparently lacking only that specific person to fancy, to think about before I fall asleep.

I definitely don't miss it: the least it can cause is a heartbreak.
However, I can't help but admitting it's all part of growing up, so... it's lacking on me, I feel.

What will the future be?

Easter's coming now with nothing for me but a few extra pounds, I guess. No, there's absolutely no ridiculous "love waiting" for Easter, lol, the Easter subject is totally unrelated.
I'm actually waiting for no bigger new or surprise this Easter. What I'm really hoping for is peace, a bit more of peace – my life's pretty much peaceful now, as I said above.

That's why, maybe, I ain't craving for love now. I don't want to catch myself running wildly on my deepest undergrounds; that's definitely terrible... If you search back on this very blog, you might discover what I'm talking about...

So, peace, that's it.
It's all about going for my aims now. And life lightly, still with a bit more depth and intensity.

I mean, why must it be wrong to be like the others?
Didn't I hate those people by pure envy?

Yes, that intrigues me. Maybe I shouldn't mind so much about it all and just live my moment... Or hide myself away and get a bit more ready.

I still don't feel proper.

How bad.


Well, a lot of twisted thoughts all thrown and mixed together.
Guess this post is done.


xoxo, happy easter.