Saturday, 9 July 2011

A third go on the third decade (aka 23)

Well, good morning.
It's been a week since. Quite a bit hectic week, could I add, were I sure of that.


Early July has hit us all over again, getting to - no matter how I could try to avoid it - make me one year older. The creepy, nasty, repugnant aging, yes, it happens to everyone doesn't it.
But age is definitely just a number.

So the moments shines proper to a quick, maybe too superficial overview on the year that just flew by.

It could be started by being said that my 22 were quite enjoyable.
Indeed, I cannot be any happier or more thankful about the time that just passed.

It could also be noted that important steps were taken and important moves were made. Especially "move on"s (sorry for the occasional neologism), although this is something yet to be worked on more widely.

Another important aspect to point out is that the world could have been conquered by me, and it most probably was at some points, which was just beyond ~awesome - think of a kid with a toy spaceship, taking a distant flight around an imaginary Earth. That was me. Childish but feeling utterly powerful.

It could also be led into clich├ęd territory, by being shouted (maybe bragged) that I "was a person and now I'm another", but no, that really is not the case. No matter how much I may have changed, no matter how many things may have happened to me, the soul that lies within is the same since day one.

So many ways to lead this. But just one thing to say: Life is funny isn't it.

On this ~new dawn~ I could think about focusing on all those troubled small territories of my life, or even consider just plain ignoring it all and enjoying my days, my youth - what is the problem in that anyway?

My conscious and "mature" mind, I'm afraid, still craves for some more movement, which's a subject yet to be fully understood.

The insisting question marks, which exist in every single aspect of my existence, are dizzying but still quite defying and alluring.
Maybe I can straighten them into exclamation marks. Maybe squeeze them into commas. Never, though, compress them into full stops.

Oversharing, am I?
Cannot say.

There is no plan to be followed this time around, I think. Time to grab this fully blank sheet and scratch some beautiful landscapes or a beautiful story.

And let the wind flow.

Happy (belated) birthday to me. :)