Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Where have we been?

The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting.

After having a tremendously amazing year, the last days of December were destined to a celebratory ending of these delicious last twelve months.

From the nature paradise to the very metropolitan paradise, the Holidays are being a great mix of fun, discoveries, fresh air, road and marvellous lazy moments looking at (or even floating around) the ocean or a sea of buildings.

Unlike the last time, however, I decided not to share with you my trip diaries... Actually, I'm not even writing one.

Guess that's because all I want to is enjoy fully and personally (in the sense of intimately) every moment, and also, well, because there's no much to be said - or no much I succeeded in translating into words.

No, the undergrounds have not been closed - this obviously will only happen when I die.

The fact is that the undergrounds are clear, a little more colourful and probably way less scary and dreadful than they were few months ago (12?), although there has also been some hot commotion deep in those areas, things hopefully to be shared some of these days.

Well, this is my last post of 2008, I guess, so I wanna wish you, dear reader, all the best, and, above everything, life in the incumbent 2009.

I could also be reflecting about 2008, but, just as happened last year, laziness won't let me write all the things my mind now desperately tries to get straight, LOL.

There's so, but so much to be said, so much to be thanked...

Well, thankfulness.

Yes, this is it!

I can sum it all up with one single word: Thankful. I am deeply thankful for everything I have been through and all the graces I have been given all over these last months.

2008, the most amazing year of my life so far is ending, leaving me a bit heartbroken, since it's a bit difficult to accept something you loved so deeply is taking its last breaths.

What awaits us after the midnight?

Shall we wait and... enjoy the worldwide celebration!

A kiss/hug on your very soul.

Happy 2009.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Live, not simpy exist



After the most exciting year of my life so far, I deserved some time to simply lie down and relax a little.
Work keeps on pumpin' marvellously, ok, but that's just how I like it.

Academic year, full of extreme experiences and personal battles, is officially over now.
Triumphant; that's how I feel when I look back to all I've been through.

The last weeks have been pretty intense, in much of a great way, though.
Despair, anticipation, slow-passing time.

In the end, answers were given, and I've eventually got what I've given.
It's really, really comforting.

The next few days could be feeling amazing for me, if it wasn't for... bad news.
Yeah... December, the very end of the year.
Isn't there any legend about bad spirits coming to Earth by this month? Yes, I do believe in that.

When everything on immediate future seemed to be a beautiful portrait drawn with a varied collection of colour pencils, an intriguing note was spotted.
A detail, just a detail. A recent order, completely partial, incomplete, unfair.
While I'm still a law passionate who believes in Justice, I'm not certain if we can take one more mishap like this.

There's probably few things worse than being absolutely unaware of how strong those you love are.


Keep pushing, dear. Everything is going to be alright.

We can make it through.

Summer breeze has come, blowing fresh air into our routines.
Adventure, uncertainty...
As long as I have something to cling to, I'm passionate about that.

This is living, not simply existing.


Let the summer emotions begin!