Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A new dawn

More than a month of absence…

This time – as always –, I promise I have an excuse. =)


Since September, my life has been an amazing pandemonium.

Expectations, news, discoveries, obligations and books, all consuming all of my energies and my creativity, making me feel unable to write down some memories on this very place, for feeling both exhausted and mentally poor.

No, these days hadn't passed, not just yet.

But the gentle storm is apparently leaving, and a new day is graciously dawning.

Speaking this way might make you believe it's a rather unkind period I've been through, mightn't it?

I'm really sorry for that, dear reader, but this very expected and acceptable impression couldn't be more wrong.

Well, having this said just to adjust your focus, let us continue...

Few weeks ago, heaven sent the ultimate evidence of how unique the year of 2008 was born to be for me.

Through the raging – and always predicting – storm of anxiety, fear and compensating pain, the words of an unknown figure, initially blamed and ridiculed, re-opened the book of sweetly delicious possibilities.


Just-met childhood friends gathered together. The longest of the weekends... followed by the sweetest of the Mondays and the confirmation of a repeated prevision of mine.

That makes me ask myself... What kind of freaky power have I been given this time??

Mess days, part 2, not as bad, just as terri(fic)ble as I would always dream of – can't say how much I love being on total pandemonium...


A rather nice trip, quite crazy (hi)stories... And there was I, facing the big city once again.

Everything went much better than planned, and even better than hoped.

Hopefully, I shall write more deeply about the trip on a forthcoming post...

Well, I'm back at home.

My heart smiles while my rational mind hasn't even fully realised the wideness of what has just become real.


Some things are definitely over for me.

It's a whole new day, a brand new dawn.

A [big] step forward onto my felt and desired destiny.


I call it growth. I call it improvement. I might call it even self love.


The storm is pretty much on full, but it's leaving, I can feel.


Sweetest days like these, however, won't be repeated as often as dreamed – but just as often as the necessary for them to be unique, precious and enjoyed to their full depth every time they happen to come.