Monday, 8 February 2010

Bachelor party

And the day had come.

Five full years culminating on a joyous weekend, full of emotions, celebrations, hugs, kisses and some champagne as well…

The day started soon. A surprise breakfast, with a shiny little gift inside…
Then gone to the so-called God’s House – it’s time to thank, isn’t it?

And the apparently most boring occasion simply turned out to be a very joyous and emotional moment for all of us.

Back home, to sort things out a little and get ready.

Always present, however, that handful of recent stress driving me mad and blurring somehow such a bright day.
The little devils were present as well, leading me to forced congeniality.

But these were celebratory times.
Phone calls, oh, how many of them.
Flattering words, not simply feeding your ego, but also making you sure that, in the end, you’ve gotten it all just fine.
Amazing. Each one of it.

And also, nearly a decade and a half later, three of the brothers were together again. Despite it all, I was near to a blow out, getting close to those unknown fields of absolute madness.

The time, however, had come.
Shall you just relax.

My moment.

Driving alone to the rendezvous point, trying not to take that all as granted, as routine – I was finishing a whole era of my life after all!

An almost desert campus. Time to reflect.
So little is still left from the boy who was walking around those then giant and mazy corridors five years ago.
So much had happened. So many changes, so many rainbows after stormy weathers.
There was I, meeting my final destiny on that place.

And slowly the ice cube was melting – And no, I am not talking about the heat, which was rather intense anyway.

Everybody ready and lined up. It was time for the grand entrance.

And so the gate opened.
A dark room with flashing lights and lasers, an epic song, a full crowd standing up and welcoming us into the catwalk with a strong ovation. My heart went to bump hard.
Then I glimpsed a large-scale banner with our picture on it. I almost couldn’t help it.
For the first time, I felt absolutely taken aback by the whole occasion, trying hard to swallow the tears. 

Sitting on my very chair, the time passed too fast. I wanted that to last forever.

Soon my name was called. Cheers, congratulations, pictures. My first moment. I was suddenly a Bachelor.

One more time, however, I was convoked to come to the main stage.
It was my most special moment of the night.

Merits being so openly recognized, clarifying me – If it wasn’t already clear enough – that I, in the end, had surely gotten it all just fine.

Five amazing years.
Gone so fast, but, still, undeniably lived to their full glory.

My goal: if I’m to make it, then don’t just merely make it – make it good, make it better, with distinction. Get a highlight and, if it happens to happen, a spotlight.

Mission fully accomplished.
Let’s celebrate.

And the extensively dreamed of celebration – which had already given me way too many headaches, must I mention – was taking place.
Guests showing up as the air of full excitement and accomplishment was getting stronger and stronger. 

Kind words, amazing words. All joys and good vibrations centred in me.
An unvanishing smile carved in my face.
It was my night.

By the end of the party, even the financial luck showed up. It was definitely my night.

Gone home, still astonished.
How would I know it would all come to happen so wonderfully?

I’m still stunned by that whole day.

Following, the Saturday was time to celebration part II.
The prom. The big, long awaited and generally anticipated Law Prom.

Some things simply don’t happen in your life.
The big prom, my dear reader, simply didn’t happen to me.

All those black clouds were back in my mind, revenging the day before, when they had allowed me to enjoy for once.

I only had emotional conditions to meet the very basic protocol, leaving the party just after.

My night, now I see, was only the night before.
It was in the night before where all my happiness, joy and intensely best memories would lay forever.
And I had to simply conform with that.

In the end, I finished by becoming a Bachelor. Cum laurea

The astonishing end of an astounding era.

Time to step into a new beginning.

The last few months, however, might have been a little harder than one could take loosely.
I need a small break. To celebrate, to reflect, to simply relax.

Deserved vacation, dear reader.
Heading to paradise now!