Friday, 10 July 2009

2.1 + a week, this is it

So well, here we are, in the middle of another year.

Winter has come and, with it, the crab paved its way in, not taking long before adding +1 to my age.

Now I'm a happy 21 years old citizen, waving goodbye to the teenage years and moving forward onto this third decade of my life (which now I believe that has just started - it's initial point is by 20 or 21??).

Nothing. Absolutely nothing to complain about the last decade, especially the last year.

20th was intense.
Every single dream, as impossible as it could get, shining viable, shining possible, coming true.
Several accomplishments, sequential bright moments, celebrations and... well, happiness.

The biggest moments are all narrated and referred all over this very blog.

So now I'm moving a step forward.

Well, not that turning 21 will change my life completely. It's just all the symbolic meaning a birthday has.

Birthday also has a strong attachment with party, right? For the second year, multiple celebrations all dedicated to myself (haha).

Then, family. Time to be back to childhood and simply watch a miracle come true on your very home.
Finally, night out.

For the second year, I'm feeling like actually being someone. Like actually being important, having my place in this world.

Smiles and laughter for free. My soul finds a relaxing oasis on the arms of my dearest friends - guys, I truly love you all.

Then I close my eyes and let it be. Let the music, the lights, the atmosphere and the alcohol make all the trick.

This is the feeling I want for always.

July the third ended up smoothly amazing.

And I was one year older.

I believe 21 is quite a milestone.
Actually, I've been told it's the best age.
Well, I can't tell. Got to live it first, I believe.

Right now, it's all about expecting what the 21st might bring.

For now, let's enjoy our youth, for it's limited!