Friday, 2 April 2010

Who’s gonna dance tonight?

The brief story of a dancer and a disco dream.

That night was just another night.

A good weekend, flavoured with the anticipation for the week that would follow – featuring the most providential free time I could have ever prayed for.

The day – when I’m going to be put on one of the most important and once-in-a-lifetime tests of my whole life – was getting closer hence the tension inside me was growing bigger and bigger, to a point I couldn’t quite control myself for some times.

Let’s have a break.

A recent article – such a perfect excuse for my google skills – and there I was, going for silly and time-killing expedition.
What was I looking for? ...Do I even know? – deep inside, though, I probably do.

And so I jumped into another and more specific adventure.

Press the shuffle button.

Focus on me, focus on them. What do you do when you don’t actually appreciate the track?
And so, on that huge playlist, I found it.
There it was: the song I had been looking for.

Deepest electronica – pulsing immediately through my veins, giving me electric shocks. I was listening to lights. I was seeing magic. I was feeling music.

And what to do when a song gives all the love and energy back to you?

Quite some excitement, my dear reader.
I was hooked. “Repeat forever” was turned on.

How gentle from you.

On the dancefloor of life, I’d dance forever to that disco anthem.

Saturday nights, however, always come to an end.

As the working day dawned, the track, all of a sudden, was over.
The discothèque was closed.
…And the lights were simply blurred away.

Sadness. Quite a deep sorrow. Crave. Hunger.

Suddenly, on a moment I simply can’t remember, my once whole was felt to pieces and everyone was getting away with some portions on the hand.
Except me.

Such a déjà-vu – and I cannot remember when it had happened before.

For that finished piece of while, I felt my heart beat again, I felt colours riding through my veins, being cast by my soul.
That taste of excitement, of a possibility.
And the sweetest, oh so damn rare feeling of reciprocity.

But the track, once so sweet, had reached its dead end.
Without the smoothness of a fade out, it was all gone.

Have you ever been relevant last week?

And now, quite ironically, it all seems like some sort of fair retribution from the universe.

For I have done this, I shall be a victim myself. For thou have been bruised, should thou be a criminal.
This time around, my criminal.

Victim of an assault, on the floor I was laying. So immature. So unable to get up and move life forward. Someone killed the groove.

What an uncalled for distraction to keep me away from what I should focus on. Damn!

Where’s your heart I’ve been asked.
It’s with that melody. With those lights. With these extremely brief burning moments on the dancefloor.

And as the day takes its slow walk away to sleep, I can only wonder...
Who’s gonna dance tonight?
Who will be tuning his heart to a perfect track?

Not me.
Music is over and too much has been said. I have now left the disco scene swearing I was never gonna dance again...

My life, however, has to keep on, but - regardless my promises - not without the suffocated hopes for a new disco dream, for a new chance to become an eternal dancer.

Until then, shall we focus on what's important.