Thursday, 18 August 2011

Before it was too late

It was dawning beautifully outside, as the sky was being taken over by a soft shade of blue. A cold night that one had been, as the provided covers were far from the desirable or even from the proper length to my body frame - which was scandalously indecent, given the price we paid.

On the precedent evening, excitement had been bubbling as I got prepared to hit the distance once again, on a quest to smooth all the rough edges from the close past, before it was too late.
With maternal blessings, I left home by foot, slowly exploring the nightly beauties of the city. Such an ordinary event that became such an experience.
A lonesome wayfarer in the night, that's more like it.

Back to the dawning light, the skyscrapers in the distance, which I can never avoid myself from contemplating in breathless wonder, did not look all that scary for once. One day only, I thought, while the big buildings performed the usual surrounding dance around me.
Drowning myself onto them, I did not walk for very long.

A cheap hotel room with a pair of single beds and a shower, and a respectable breakfaste table downstairs - what else could one desire?

I went to have my morning meal, before it was too late, failing - as always - to create a better (and healthier) food selection.

Meanwhile, I was digging on some more alternative, so to speak, morning activities. Capital cities do provide you with more green-dotted spots and a (curious) welcoming attitude.
All of sudden, quite a radical plans change was required. The fear was an obvious enemy to defeat, but it soon became obvious that it was about time for me to move out of my safety zone and venture into the sunny afternoon. Before it was too late.

The unusually calm traffic, the top-notch districts, the always striking local sense of chic, all for once feeling alluring and warming.
Much of the city was crossed, and I was a bit late for lunch, or maybe for life, but that soon got a fix.

In time, figures set up, cards were given.
No delays, no empty words. At all.
On a distant suburb, the proper lights were found. Smiling to the mirrors, I was about to conquer a fairly desired victory, feeling overly pleased by having such a perfect opportunity for such.
The rest, one can guess.

A dull farewell to the situation, which was no longer harsh or painful - my heart sure acquired some steel from back in the day.
All I could think of was the future-setting occasion that was yet to come. Meanwhile, the time felt proper to flow through the glamorous galleries of that beautiful - and fairly well known - district where I had been taken.

Such an entertaining activity that is. I soon got too distracted and had too rush before it was too late.

Finally on my main destination, core to the whole day, I heard what I feared and found out what I did not quite want to. Some of my dearest dreams were torn apart (or at least delayed for a bit too long), if that is not an excess of drama about it.
I ain't going much further on this specific subject.

All that was left to do was to run downhill, heavily disappointed, before it was too late.
Dear friends, heart-loved friends, they were there, to at least give me some emotional comfort… or bring up some unneeded information.

Good surpriseS, bad surprises. The day turned out to be quite revealing in some aspects, what I still have rather mixed feelings about.

Soaring like a falling angel, in the limbo between victory and defeat, I slowly walked away, struggling to look complacent to the hazard that vapored up in the streets as the night felt.

Time to head back home, before it was too late.
Time to draw new plans, before it is too late.

Have a good one, dear reader.